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News and Pictures of your Women's National Team. I do not own any of these pictures, unless otherwise noted. I'm a 25 year guy from Columbus.

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Here, have a Mittsy with pigtails. Bonus Kelley in the back

Portland is NWSL’s golden team.

Yeah, I don’t think Jill’s very good. She doesn’t even try. She watches so many shots. She has no idea where the net is behind her.

I know I’m late to posting this but…..

Fuck this roster and fuck Jill. That is all.


Happy 6th…uhhh I mean 26th birthday to this incredibly adorable/talented/gorgeous/hilarious/dorky child

(not my pics)


Kelley O’Hara

Kelley aka my wife.


kelleyohara I got this @lindseyvonn. @mistyonpointe You in?

God damn. She’s perfect.


Everybody; Kristie Mewis


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